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Photo of Lei - Reshop Vintage owner


My name is Lei - I'm the one behind the curtains working the magic with your bags. My background is actually hospitality but now, I am a professional at bag repair and restoration for vintage and luxury bags. 

I have been trained in both Thailand in London to make sure that I can revive your bag to its original stand - or even give it a whole new look! 

- Lei

Core Values 

My goal is to always preserve the nature and originality of the bag. I only use hand stitching as most of these bags were actually made by hand and not through a machine. The imperfection of these bags are what makes them charming. 

I have created Reshop Vintage as I truly believe in sustainability and being able to breathe a new life to vintage items. I have always been a fan of luxury bags but more of the ones with history, such as bags all the ways from the 70s. I believe that there is a certain soul in them and even a fascinating story about who had them and what life they have been through. 


For me, being able to promote and offer services like this help me at least lessen the damage that the fashion industry does to mother nature. It is important that my message comes through to bag owners that they do not need to throw their worn out bags and that they actually can learn to re-love and appreciate them once again. So take them out of your closet and let's bring out the magic in them once again! 


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